Cache Server

  • memcached: one of the earliest and arguably the most well-known cache server out there.
  • redis: a very popular, feature-rich data structure server that is often used as cache.
  • twemcache: Twitter’s fork of memcached.
  • fatcache: a memcached-compatible cache server that runs on SSD.

Router / Cluster

  • twemproxy: a proxy for memcached and redis with cluster management capabilities.
  • mcrouter: a memcached protocol router.
  • redis comes with native clustering support starting from version 3.0. Additionally, commercial solutions are provided by Redis Labs


  • redis clients: has an excellent overview of all the popular redis clients.
  • memcached clients: as numerous as the dazzling collection of redis clients. Here are a few:


  • rpc-perf: a load generator and benchmark tool fast enough to keep up with the cache servers. Supports memcached and redis protocols.

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